6 Tips to improve your profile and headshot photograph (linkedIn photo)

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What is the first thing most people see online when they go online to look at your profile? Probably your profile pic. It takes about two seconds for people to make a decision, whether they like you and are going to use you and your services or not. Considering this, it is worth having a good profile pic that says whatever message you wish to give out: are you professional, likeable, efficient, trustworthy.

So here are 6 tips to make sure you get the best photograph of you, for your social media and profile photo.

No. 1. Don’t use a selfie or a holiday snap

Amazing that I even have to mention this, but there are some people out there, (might be you!!) who make the number 1 mistake of using a selfie or holiday snap. This just screams unprofessionalism and amateur. There is no excuse and it is just sloppy and lazy. Enough said!

LinkedIN profile photos

No. 2 Show your face

Love that dreamy picture of you up a mountain, looks great, but studies show that people buy from people they trust and that elusive figure up a mountain is just not giving them a chance to get to see you and start that process of knowing and trusting you.

Pictures of your dog, or some cartoon character aren’t great either.

Even if you are a mountain climber, use that mountain image behind your profile shot and show your face.

an example of a poor profile picture
better profile picture

No. 3 – Don’t be miserable – smile!

Smiling profile pictures get you noticed

Although smiling to the camera might be hard, it makes a huge difference, not smiling at the camera, just results in you looking at best miserable and at worst unapproachable or scary! So do your best and give that camera a smile, it makes you more approachable and increases your chances of the client reaching out and contacting you.

No. 4 – Chose your background wisely

Keep your background simple and uncluttered, the focus should be on you. Busy backgrounds take away from you and distract the viewer; unless you are doing an environmental portrait of you in your workplace. I always use a variety of backgrounds and then afterwards the client can see which is their favourite. Using different colour backdrops or different locations provides variety.

 corporate headshot photography

The other portrait option is an environmental or lifestyle photo, which shows the subject in their work environment, that works really well too but in a different way. We have some examples in the feature image; Interior designer in front of cool wallpaper, PR guru in her office.

bournemouth corporate headshot of hairdresser

No. 5 – Get your brand in the shot

Another goodie is to get your brand in the photo, maybe a splash of your branding colour, in what you are wearing or the background behind you. You can add your logo or part of it. Here the branding logo for the company Oakstone Recruitment is printed on the office wall, it works well behind the subject.

corporate headshot for LinkedIn profile pic

N0. 6 – Use a professional photographer

The difference between amateur and pro work is huge. Professional headshot photographers take photographs for a living, so they are going to be good! The photos in the first section speak for themselves.

So do yourself a favour, get the best photograph you can and impress those future clients.

For a proper professional profile photograph please contact me, sasfihopeross@gmail.com or give me a ring 07450 866977. We can discuss the best clothes, locations and style of photograph to get you looking your best.