Black and White wedding photography (Poole and Bournemouth B/W wedding photography)

10th September 2015 Photography 0 Comments

I get asked quite often about black and white photography for weddings, ‘do I do a lot of black and white wedding photographs’, ‘when should it be used’?

I always say yes, I do black and white photography and I love it! I find B/W can be more flattering in a portrait and also make a garden or a sky more dramatic. However if the situation has beautiful blue skies and bright colourful bridesmaid dresses/ flowers colour is normally the best option.
I use a combination of both and always give the client the option of either B/W or colour on all the images.
Here is a selection of some of my favourites and as you can see it works really well for everything from shoes and details to silhouette too!

Bournemouth_wedding_photography_B-W 02 Bournemouth_wedding_photography_B-W 03 Bournemouth_wedding_photography_B-W 04 Bournemouth_wedding_photography_B-W 05Bournemouth_wedding_photography_B-W 06Bournemouth_wedding_photography_B-W 07Bournemouth_wedding_photography_B-W 08Bournemouth_wedding_photography_B-W 09Bournemouth_wedding_photography_B-W 10Bournemouth_wedding_photography_B-W 11Bournemouth_wedding_photography_B-W 12Bournemouth_wedding_photography_B-W 13Bournemouth_wedding_photography_B-W 14Bournemouth_wedding_photography_B-W 15Bournemouth_wedding_photography_B-W 16Bournemouth_wedding_photography_B-W 17Bournemouth_wedding_photography_B-W 18Bournemouth_wedding_photography_B-W 19Bournemouth_wedding_photography_B-W 20Bournemouth_wedding_photography_B-W 21