Environmental Corporate Headshot Photography – (Poole and Bournemouth)

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I love photographing people, it is something that requires more than just technical skill, you have to be able to relate to people and make them feel at ease and comfortable as this is what will make a good portrait or not. It is no good if you can light your subject well, if they are not happy and feeling relaxed, this will show and the end result will look awkard.
When ever someone approaches me for a corporate portrait photograph, we figure what look/ style they want and then I can work with them to give them the look they want. A lot of my work is out of the studio these days, with people going more and more for an environmental look which is less formal than the standard white backdrop.
Using a lot of natural light the results are flattering to the subject and as they are removed from a sterile studio environmental, people find it easier to relax. Here is a selection of environmental/ lifestyle corporate headshot photography I did for a wide selection of clients from a writer/editor to a recruitment consultant.



bournemouth_corporate_headshot_photography 006

dorset _corporate_headshot_photography

bournemouth_corporate_headshot_photography 004

bournemouth_corporate_headshot_photography 003

bournemouth_corporate_headshot_photography 001


Dorset Corporate Headshot Photography