Smart Phone camera Social Media Tips

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For many of us at the moment trying to keep our businesses fresh and in the public eye, social media is our main platform. Whilst it is difficult to use a professional’s services in these times of social distancing, these top tips will help you with your social media photography; be it your products, or any other subjects you wish to photograph and portray on your social media platforms.
So time to sit down, make yourself a good tea or coffee and read over these top tips

Smart Phone Camera top tips

Six Top Tips

1. Very important – whether photographing a person or objects, try to keep the background as clear as possible, try to remove all clutter and unnecessary stuff.

Moving the object/ subject away from the background will help throw the background out of focus. By focusing on an object itself, it helps the viewer engage more with the subject.

2. Manual focusing – tap on the screen where you want to focus, the camera will then focus on the object tapped.

3. Keep it simple! Simple images work best, especially for social media images, as the viewer will mostly be viewing a small image on their phone.

4. Shoot from different angles and close up to see what works best.

5. Make sure your light source is to the side or in front of the object, never behind it, unless you want a moody silhouette shot!

6. Instagram – be mindful when photographing for Instagram that the image shown will be a square, so does the image you are taking work with that format as you photograph it.

Any smart phone will do, most of them have capacity to capture good images for you, but there are some downsides to the phone cameras, they will have difficulty capturing an image of a decent quality in low light levels and when you go to blow them up in print they rarely provide an image of high enough resolution to provide a good-sized print. But for social media based content they are fine.

Any questions can I help with it, feel free to contact me here or message me on

Good luck with it and enjoy!

Love Sasfi x